Friday, 21 March 2014

Male Portraits

Latest from the sketchbook

It's infinitely easier to snap from a smartphone and upload quickly. So now I don't have any excuse.

Here's a selection from my sketch book. 

I'm putting the pressure on myself to draw everyday. So hopefully I'll be churning out the art! 

watercolour practice

Lips study in watercolour

Fiona in watercolour

No reference watercolour and pencil sketch

Beardy Man watercolour

The look watercolour

New Blog

So I have been taken in by the appeals of Instagram and tumblr, leaving this blog a bit neglected. I'm not techno-savvy enough or organised enough to have them all somehow integrated. 

Nevertheless I will still post on this blog. 



Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Returning from world travel has given me a greater sense of motivation in pursuing a career in drawing.  I hope to commit more of my time to my sketch books and less time on menial money making jobs that absorb most of my time and leave me physically and mentally drained with no wish to pick up a pencil.

I have grand plans but I still have to remain realisitic, i.e. I still have to get a job.  But the balance of work vs art will definitely shift.

If travel gives you one thing it is reflection.  I hope my motivation doesn't wane in the return to routine and normal everyday life.