Saturday, 30 May 2015

Development Work

I think its always interesting to see how illustrators get to their final illustrations, and I find it really helpful to understand an illustrators process.

Here are some sketches, drawings and scribbles that show the development of my college project from concept to final.

Location Sketches
The first stage was to gather as much information on the subject.  Through observational drawing, research, reading.  The more information the better, obviously!
People Sketching


Ink drawings

Thumbnail ideas

Map research and sketches

Front Cover Options

Colour trial of monoprint

Final illustration

Final Map illustration

Thursday, 28 May 2015

College Project

This is the finished illustrations and layouts for end of first year college project.  My project was on the Canonmills area of Edinburgh.  It is an area of Edinburgh that isn't as well known, so I created a magazine feature called 'Unseen City' that would highlight parts of a city that isn't so obvious to visit.  I'm especially pleased with the map illustration because I had never done one before.

Front Cover

Double Page Spread