Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sketching Real

I have been urged to sketch things I see as opposed to using photo references or my imagination.  So here are a few sketches from my surroundings.  Mostly things that are really physically close to me e.g my left hand.  Some are better than others.



Desk & Chair

My hand

Lighter & Finger




Roof & Window

Woman Smoking



My left hand

I'm starting to really enjoy observational drawing.  Mostly because it takes away any pressure to get something perfect.  When you draw from a photo reference, you already have a perfect 2D representation of the object, so you constantly compare your drawing to the photo.  With observational drawing, you can have more fun.  It has more spontaneity.  You can look around the object, move the object.  The object (subject) can move, walk away, turn their head.  I like the challenge of it.