Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Is this now a travel blog?

So, It's been too long since I updated my blog and although I don't have any artwork, I do have words.  I don't want my illustration blog to be overshadowed by a 'finding myself' travel blog but I do feel the urge to express myself through the written word.  Currently I'm settled, temporarily, in Nepal.  I'm a volunteer. I'm teaching English.  It is exhausting.  I love it.  My paintbrush has been replaced with chalk, my canvas replaced with a blackboard, and my head is filled with sentence structures, pronunciation and grammar.  Cursed grammar!

My trusty stash of emergency art stuff - in case the notion to express myself artistically became too overwhelming - was snatched from me by some unknown somebody in Vietnam little over a month ago, along with the usual travellers junk: ipod, tablet and... passport.  That's an entirely different story which I have no energy to recount at present so, in conclusion: I don't have any way to create or upload art to my blog because all my stuff got knicked! 

Anyway, I shall return with my art work soon... I hope.

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